Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Morning Ramble

Ah, another Monday morning -- last week I actually reached all of my writing goals except to finish reading A Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. Since I read several books at a time, finishing one can pose a problem ... I want to finish it before we leave for Montana because I don't want to lug it on the airplane. I'd rather pack my carry-on case with lots of paper backs. So, I'm focused on finishing A Change of Heart before we leave.

What I like about Picoult's work is that she writes about difficult situations, ones in which you need to think (not quite as dramatic but sort of -- if your husband and child were drowning and neither could swim, who would you save?) The protagonist's daughter is in need of a heart transplant (make that desperate need) and the "perfect match" couldn't be more imperfect. I don't want to give away the plot but it's worth the read. I'm not sure I'd pay full price (I got it at Costco) but I'd definitely get it at the library or in paperback.

We leave to visit family in Montana on Thursday. I am grateful I love visiting my in-laws...they're wonderful. The only thing that's hard about leaving here is saying goodbye to our dog and furry child, Jake, and not seeing the grand kids :-( That's the tough one. I know Jake will be fine. We've found a great sitter who stays here at the house and keeps him company. And, my daughter who lives nearby is really good about email a few pictures of the kids for us to see. My other daughter, the one who works full-time, doesn't have time to be emailing pictures, but I carry the baby's picture in my heart anyway so.

It snowed in Montana on Saturday but then melted the next day -- it will be interesting to see what the weather's like when we arrive. I never know what to pack, and in fact, usually feel under dressed. My husband's family are all great dressers, and frankly, I just don't care about clothes as much as I did say, ten years ago. That said, I did buy a few new things to pack--weather depending. My mind is in grounded in spring, sounds like Montana's mind is hovering somewhere between winter and a frigid spring!

Saw the movie "88" yesterday. It received a D- in the Contra Costa Times, which made us think twice, but they've been wrong (at least in our minds) sooooo many times before that we decided, after Rick looked it up online to give it a try. I just think you can't over think movies the way you can books...when I go to the movies I suspend my critical mind and just enjoy what I see--within reason of course. "88" was good: full of suspense, a good little twist, a little foreshadowing that completely flew right over my head (duh) but that Rick caught..Looks like it came in as the 4th seen movie during the weekend. Would I recommend it? Yup!I'm not the best judge, though, I LOVE going to the movies or maybe it's the popcorn...

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