Friday, April 24, 2009

Write a Book in a Week, are you kidding???

Two weeks ago I began an online writing class called Book in a Week. I heard the instructor, April Kihlstrom ( speak four years ago at the East of Eden Writing Conference in Salinas.

A book in a week? Come on now! I've been working on Nineteen Darby Way for four, yes as much as I don't want to admit it, it's been four years. (My husband says it's taken me longer to write my book than it did to write the bible, but that's another story--not the bible--the comment).

We're just finishing up week two and then we have one more week of preparation before beginning to our week of writing. And, I'm procrastinating by writing on my blog instead of figuring out the flaws my characters have. I figure, if I gave each character one or two of my own flaws, they'll be all set and maybe, just maybe they'll teach me something, like how to rid myself of them.

We'll see, first I have to get to writing.

If you've thought of writing a book, I can't recommend April's class enough. She's written seventeen books, is so informative, answers all emails with suggestions and new ideas, and has the whole class developing characters, plotting, using post cards, and making collages. We're all making progress.

Check her out, again her web site is

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor me

I've been so busy posting on my new blog,, that I almost forgot about my old buddy, scribblescrabble! The place where I got my experience, sort of like the entry-level position at a factory, Macy's stockroom, or K-Mart, when you were sixteen and owned the world.

Speaking of entry level positions, reinventing myself as a novelist is proving to be quite a challenge. Trying to hold my heavy head high after receiving what I consider more than my fair share of rejections for my novel, Nineteen Darby Way, has not easy, nor fun, and it's humbling. At first I said, "well, now I'm that much closer to a 'yes'" but I don't think I even fooled myself with that one.

So I gave my baby to a woman who is very 'literary' and am waiting for her opinion, a decision made after rewriting the first four chapters in another tense and person. I hoped maybe that would work, but after chapter four it didn't and it was time consuming and frustrating. It was a dreadful experience.

This book, my baby, may be the book that finds its' way under the bed until I reach the best seller list (tee hee) with the next book--then I can dust it off and everyone will be clamoring for it, right? right? well, maybe?

Anyway, I've heard that every writer has at least one, two, or possibly three unpublished babies...maybe Nineteen Darby Way will be mine. But the fight is not over yet!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Oh dear, this could be dangerous, this downloading pictures trick I now know how to do--sort of (I can't figure out how to see the pictures before I download them, so this one was snapped before our backyard remodel).

Anyway, here's Jake lounging in the backyard...which is where he'd probably like to be right now -- but it's cold and rainy today. I don't want him outside laying on the cold ground or on the flagstone because at his age (ten and counting) I worry about his hips.

As with most larger breeds (Jake is part Golden Retriever and part Grand Pyrenees) hip 'challenges' are always a concern and we want and try to keep those challenges to a minimum. So enjoy the picture of our peaceful baby taken a few years ago! It's easy to see why he's so special isn't it?

I know I know--beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although his head is too big for his body (and actually his tail looks a foot too long is this picture) and he doesn't have "golden retriever" ears, he's still the best, most handsome dog I've ever seen. What I need to do is take a close-up of his soulful brown eyes, then you'll understand!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jake The Dog (and my first picture)

When we got Jake, we had no idea how he'd change our lives...and as you can see, he had no idea how we'd change his. Rick and I were given these cozy little vibrating slippers from the grand kids for Christmas and thought it would be fun to put them on Jake. Can you believe how sweet this dog is? To let his parents humiliate him like this? I know, it's cruel, however, you will notice that aside from the cruelty, he does pretty much have run of the house, er...and the furniture.

I'd like to mention that this is the dog my husband said we could have (after my begging for literally years) if I promised not to let him sleep with us, let him lay on the sofa or eat people food. Guess who breaks all the rules? Yup, my husband. He and Jake are best buddies.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to be Jake.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Younger Hair...

I was flopped out on the couch yesterday afternoon during my three o'clock slump and thought it would be a good oppotunity to relax and sort out the mail since we'd just returned from O'ahu.

There were piles everywhere. I usually rifle through them with the expediency of the mail carrier, but yesterday, I took my time and looked at the quirky ads, magazines, and flyers.

You know those packets that have coupons stuffed into them? Or little pamphlets with the best deals in town. Well...

in one of said pamphlets, I found an interesting advertisement... so worry no more ladies....

Younger hair is here AND, not only does it give you beautiful tresses rich with REAL hair in an assortment of lengths and colors, but the wig has (and I quote) "an incredible face-lifting feature that makes you look ten years younger."

Can you believe this?

A wig that has a face-lifting feature?

It feels like society has stooped to a new low, doesn't it? If a face lift will make you feel better, go for it. But in a wig? What happens when you take the wig off and your stretched skin falls forward like that of a bloodhound? I know, not a pretty visual.

Their website is in case you want to check it out.

Why can't we be beautiful just the way we are? Why can't society value women (and men) for their wisdom instead of trying to make the norm of fifty, sixty, and seventy year-olds look like surgical experiments? Go figure...Don't get me wrong, I'll drive you to the hospital to have a facelift, but if you're going to be pinning your skin under a wig, I think I'm busy that day :)