Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor me

I've been so busy posting on my new blog,, that I almost forgot about my old buddy, scribblescrabble! The place where I got my experience, sort of like the entry-level position at a factory, Macy's stockroom, or K-Mart, when you were sixteen and owned the world.

Speaking of entry level positions, reinventing myself as a novelist is proving to be quite a challenge. Trying to hold my heavy head high after receiving what I consider more than my fair share of rejections for my novel, Nineteen Darby Way, has not easy, nor fun, and it's humbling. At first I said, "well, now I'm that much closer to a 'yes'" but I don't think I even fooled myself with that one.

So I gave my baby to a woman who is very 'literary' and am waiting for her opinion, a decision made after rewriting the first four chapters in another tense and person. I hoped maybe that would work, but after chapter four it didn't and it was time consuming and frustrating. It was a dreadful experience.

This book, my baby, may be the book that finds its' way under the bed until I reach the best seller list (tee hee) with the next book--then I can dust it off and everyone will be clamoring for it, right? right? well, maybe?

Anyway, I've heard that every writer has at least one, two, or possibly three unpublished babies...maybe Nineteen Darby Way will be mine. But the fight is not over yet!


Kelly Pollard said...

I can relate Cindy, as you know... Hopefully your new reader can give you some insight into your novel. It's so hard to be objective when we feel so close to the writing.

Jellyhead said...

Oh, the joys of being a writer huh? Sounds like a truly arduous process, getting published. Hang in there!

I hope you get some good feedback from the 'literary lady'.

Cindy said...

Kelly, I know you can relate--but the tides will change for you--you've got a great YA novel, it just needs to find the 'write' agent

Cindy said...

Hi Jellyhead, I hope I receive good feedback too. Thanks for your encouragement!

Eileen Williams said...

Hey, Cindy--

Don't throw your baby under the literary bus just yet, there's more than one way to skin a cat! (How's that for a mixed metaphor?)

I KNOW you'll do it, it's just a matter of a small rite of passage: spending lots of time on the bipolar express. Oh yes, the endless ups and downs of writing and trying to get published! (I guess that's why so many writers drink themselves to death!) And you realize for sure, I know whereof I speak.

Love ya and DO NOT give up--Knowing you, I'm certain your baby is a beautiful work of depth and substance and deserves to hit the best sellers list!

Cindy said...

Oh Eileen, you do have a way with words!!! That's why Feisty Side of Fifty is so popular. Thanks for the encouragement!!!XOXO