Monday, August 11, 2008

Home again...

Do you like my new colors? I got bored of the "blogger" drab gray and decided that my blog needed a sprucing up. And since I write with a purple pen all of the time, I just thought why not?

We recently returned to the Bay Area after a stint in Montana to visit my husband's family. Montana has breathtaking views of the Mission mountains, twitching white tailed deer, elk, brown bears (which I've yet to see), old brick homes, Indian reservations, rivers and Flathead Lake.

Flathead Lake is where we spent our vacation. Every time we leave it, I feel like I've left a little part of myself on the dock. I'd get up in the morning, sit on the deck and write overlooking the Lake. I never quite knew what to expect from the water -- smooth as glass, mini ripples, or angry swells (but not the sort of swells we East or West coasters have seen), nonetheless, swells. Most days the sun would shine, although we had a few chilly days, so I'd wrap up in a blanket and find my way to the deck with a notebook and tea.

As much as there are a pangs of sadness to leave the Lake, mountains, and wild life, I'm happy to be back in the Bay Area. My Dad was a bartender in Framingham MA. for years. When Tony Bennett would entertain where Dad worked, he'd dedicate I Left My Heart in San Francisco to my Dad who much later, moved to Walnut Creek with my mom. I know why.

The Bay Area has been my home for thirty-five years and although we pay a price to live here, I've yet to be someplace I'd rather live--we're so close to so much. Okay, maybe, just maybe, I'd live in Kauai (but then you worry about living on an island).

Kidding aside, It's good to be home. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of blogging, using it as I intended months ago, as a journal of the silly, the serious, and sappy things that happen in life.

Oh! Update: The bird family moved out before we left for vacation along with their two babies. Precious. Adorable. Sweet. One day the parents were gone, the next day one baby, the following day, the other. I keep looking up at the next when I walk outside to get the mail and sometimes, even when we take Jake for a walk. I miss them. New life is addictive!

I took pictures of the babies, and if I can ever figure out how to get the darn things on this blog -- you can see them.


Kelly Pollard said...

Welcome back, Cindy! So cool about your Tony Bennett story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly. It's good to be home. yeah, the tony bennett story is cool...

feistysideoffifty said...

Love your new colors. I'm glad you had a restorative vacation and I'm also happy to have you home and back to blogging.
I grew up in the Bay Area and, with the exception of a few years in other places, have lived here all my life. Obviously, it's changed a lot over the years and the traffic sometimes gets to me. But, all in all, I'd never want to live anywhere else. We have so many wonderful places within a short drive, the weather is great, and there's so much to do in SF. Yep, I guess we're pretty doggone lucky!