Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yogi in Brief Training....

Have you been watching the Olympics? We have. In fact, it's hard for me to do much else at night, except watch. I live vicariously through these amazing athletes. I imagine myself on the end of the diving board or butterflying through the water with lightening speed, just like Michael Phelps! Except he gains the Gold while I, Ms Couch Potato, gain the weight.

So my motivation to attend a new yoga class came from couch potato-ing it. I may have felt shamed into it. I mean, if those athletes can practice every day for years to keep their bodies firm and shape and win medals, the least I could do was resume a yoga class a couple of times a week right?

The instructor, new to me, (but who wouldn't be-I haven't been to a yoga class in about eight months) was just the best. Greg is tall and lean and gentle and funny and like most Yogis can probably twist himself with the agility of a rubber hose, but he didn't. Frankly, it was the best class I've attended, not because of the workout-although the workout was super--it was more about who he was in front of the room. Sort of like the athletes--it's how they show up--professional, doing their best, bringing the best out in themselves and others.

I left Greg's class last Thursday feeling refreshed, energized and happy that I'd done something good for my body. However, that didn't last too long. Once those taut muscles I stretched out like warm taffy started a chorus of "Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol" a little air went out of the "exercise" balloon to return to class this week.

And wouldn't you know? Conveniently enough, Tuesday and Thursday, right at noon, (the time class begins) filled up like a glass of milk! So, I'm going to go to miss my favorite class, but plan on attending an early evening one.

Who knows, maybe I'll be too tired to go.

Speaking of the Olympics, check out the balance beam on this youtube video (this was borrowed from my friend Eileen's blog: )


feistysideoffifty said...

I applaud your renewed commitment to exercise. The Olympics got me going again, too, only I use a treadmill and lift some old lady weights.

Although I was singing the Tylenol chorus for a while myself, I'm feeling better and more energized. But, boy, it's sure easy to slip back into being a couch spud.

Glad you liked the video and thanks for the plug!

Kelly Pollard said...

Isn't Greg the teacher that Lisa raved about? Good for you for getting in the studio. I have credit with the new studio in Livermore and still haven't stepped a foot into it. Maybe this will motivate me!