Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Books, Books and More Books

I have an addiction to books. Much the same as people have to cigarettes, heroin, crack cocaine. I hear something about one and I dash right out to buy it...even though I tell myself to wait.

Today I went to the book store and bought three more books. It's embarrassing. I couldn't not.

One is by Carolyn See, Making a Literary Life -- recommended by a gal that I met at the East of Eden Writers Conference. (I can't hear the name of a book that comes highly recommended and not buy it). I've already gotten my money's worth from it -- I sat right down and pumped out 1,000 words.

Then I picked up Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan quite guilt free because it's my book club book this month.

Then I found Jeff Herman's guide to finding agents and I've wanted to get that one, too, so I thought what the heck! Right? Not to mention the books on craft that I just bought at the writers conference two weeks ago.

And last night, I went to Towne Center Books to hear the women who Cheryl Jarvis wrote about in The Necklace, talk about their experiences wearing a diamond necklace -- 118 diamonds, 15.24 carats...women between the ages of 50-62 :-) The necklace has been worn~

to make love
have a GYN exam
grocery shop
teaching class

to name a few!

But the best part is the transformation that takes place in these women as they share the magical necklace with friends.

I've only read the first chapter and it appears to be a very quick read, which is great because of that stack that continues to shout in my ear from the nightstand, the table outside our bedroom, the bookshelf in my office, screeching out of my red brief case, or sitting on top of the table in the family room, and hiding in drawers.

There's something about the smell of the paper and cracking that fresh new spine...the thought of being entertained or learning something new, or relearning something old or, or, or...must go read.


Kelly Pollard said...

Ooh, hope you share your finds when you finish reading them! They sound great. And I'm with you on the book addiction...

One Lucky Mom said...

I think book addictions come with the writer thing. I have a whole book shelf of books I'm going to read plus a pile next to my bed of books I'm going to read soon. Then there's the pile on the floor of books I'm going to read next.

My only regret is I don't have more time to read!

Eileen Williams said...

Oh, you make me want to run out and buy The Necklace. What a fun thing to do--sharing such an amazing piece of jewelry and all the stories that go with it. So, Cindy, next time you're in the mood to buy yourself a little something with over 100 diamonds... give me a call! ;-)

Lisa said...

Once I went in a bookstore and bought 20 books. :) lol
It's my spending addiction too XD