Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I spent some time with my grand daughter yesterday. We sat on the sofa cuddled up like two bugs telling stories. Sammie loves stories, so I make them up as I go. I tell her stories about frogs that fly, about people who slink into the television set and can hop out in any home they want, or how Jake the Dog, our dog, chases rabbits and tigers and cougars who live in the house across the street where they cook great meals and have elephant guests for dinner. Sammie's supply of questions is bottomless, prompting the stories to snowball into more and more outlandish characters and predicaments.

The below story, however, is very true...really!

"Nan, I have a new pet," says my four-year-old granddaughter.

"Really, I didn't see one when I came in. What do you have?"

"Oh, its a slug."

"A slug! Now that's an interesting pet, huh?" I say remembering that I did see all 1/2 inch of him last week, clinging to a leaf (and probably his life) in a see-through plastic jar.

"Yes, and my Mom found the perfect place for him to live." Sammie is just so proud and happy that Mom did this. She sits up straight and puts her nose up in the air. But I know my daughter -- slimy things aren't quite her cup of tea. If the truth be told, she apoplectic when she sees a spider.

"Where would that be?" I ask.

"In the vacuum cleaner."

"What a great spot for a slug!" I'm trying not to laugh.

"It's the perfect spot Mom said because slugs like dirt."

"Your mom is really great at finding special homes for little creatures, isn't she?"

"Nan, she's the best."

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to keep from laughing. But more than that, I marvel at the miracle of innocence and how little children see their parents as perfect. Isn't life wonderful?


mum4justice said...

Ohhhh AC.........

What a beautiful "look back" as to how I saw Mum. I Still do really, in many ways (see her this way) ... she is an incredible soul, however she may not have the voice of an angel that I once thought she had, as we drove along in the car with her singing her heart out to whatever 8-track she had playing,usually the Mama's & the Papa's. "California Dreamin" comes to mind 1st. Or "Leavin on a jet plane" Then there was good old Simon and Garfunkle, you know the ones... (Good times anyhow) It was a blast when we had the whole family singing "Puff the magic Dragon" LOL I smile at the thought!

I saw my Mum as the "Outer," as well as the inner, most beautiful woman in the world--Miss America couldn't even hold a candle to her.

All that being brought back to the surface and now being shared here today... I thank you for the post... because you know what? Mums are the best! Even now... with eyes wide open...Thanks for the memories! H

feistysideoffifty said...


Your daughter has got to be a genius! I never would have thought of the vacuum cleaner as the perfect home for slugs, but she had the foresight to minimize the slime factor while making her daughter beam with happiness. You raised her right, my friend!

And, I love your stories. Next time I see you, I want to hear all about those wild and wooly dinner parties across the street!

Artstudio Sri Lanka said...
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Kelly Pollard said...

Sounds like Slimey the Slug's adventures in the vacumn would make an excellent picture book...but that's just the writer in me speaking. Your daughter is genius!

Sue said...

Cindy – You do have such a talent for spinning the yarns….and what is most fun that not only did you do it for your children, but your grandchildren. What wonderful memories will transpire from…..yes…..a simple, and slimy….slug. Love your stories, never give up the BLOG!