Thursday, January 8, 2009

the query, the summary, and oh--the sloth

I've been working on my query and two page summary, which I thought I'd perfected before the holidays. I sent them to six agents and received three rejections. I sort of panicked even though I knew I'd get a few -- or many.

Then I came to realize in a way I hadn't before that this query and two page summary business are the two things, (at the risk of sounding Sarah Bernhardt dramatic), that will make or break my success in the literary world...

at least with my novel, Nineteen Darby Way

If I can't provide a whale-sized hook to interest the agent and she's
she won't continue to read. Neither would I, I suppose.

Yesterday, even though I had a gazillion things to do, I managed to really hammer away and hone in on what I think needed to be said in the summary.

Today, I had to write an article for the paper which was so fun, partly because it's about the Paws to Read program at two of the local libraries, and partly because it kept me from doing 'the work.'

I hit 'send' to my editor and found myself looking at other writer's blogs, skin care products, and searching up and down the 680 corridor for a yoga class. The thing about the yoga class is that I have information being mailed to me about a yoga class in Walnut Creek that sounds perfect. I could have waited until I'd done at least some work on the query.

Then, when I finished that pseudo important task, I put my 'favorites,' back on my toolbar. They'd mysteriously disappeared. I can now procrastinate by reading others blogs with ease again!

I do enjoy watching how I try to trick myself...and I will not let myself feel guilty, not one bit.

So, to all my writing buddies faced with the same problem ~~~
Go into procrastination WITH GREAT GUSTO! Enjoy it, play in the muck, and when you're finished, get right back to work!

We all need a little break from our 'should' list every now and again...

and again...

and again...

Ain't life good?


andrews said...

I just go through with your article, like your blog very much and thanks for sharing your information with us.

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Eileen Williams said...

Oh, Cindy, you are so right about the much maligned art of procrastination. Sometimes, we truly need it especially when facing something daunting and scary. As far as the query and the summary, you know I feel your pain. It's a difficult and arduous task to compact years of writing and rewriting into a few paragraphs that will grab an agent.
Nevertheless, you, my friend, are up to the challenge. So take a bit of time to seek out the perfect yoga class, and when you're ready, go wow 'em!

Kelly Pollard said...

Procrastination is so under-rated. I do some of my best brainstorming while actively avoiding my projects...the problem is turning th ideas into actions.

Hope you found your perfect yoga class.

Cindy said...

andrews--thank you for your comment. come back and visit again...i love yoga...