Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Calendar Color Coding

I should know this from being a coach. If it's not on the calendar, it most likely won't happen. People like to-do lists and they like to cross things off once they accomplish them. I like that, too, but I also like color coding...

I paid a small fortune this year for a Franklin Planner. (Well, it wasn't that it was so expensive as much as the price went up once I decided I didn't like it) But, it's very chic--bright red leather, smooth to the touch, smells great. I knew I'd love feeling the leather every day and I would have except what I didn't love, or even like, was the daily calendar I chose to fit inside it.

I couldn't see a week-at-a-glance every day and I knew that would make me nervous. I need to know what I've got cooking, even if I forget to look. There safety knowing that I've written my life down someplace and I don't need to remember everything.

So I began the search for another new-new calendar. And I found one at Border's. I checked office supply stores but nothing quite hit me the way this one has. It was love at first sight. It's perfect. Not only can I see a week at a glance, but I can also see the whole month vertically! Isn't that cool?

And, now I've color coded everything. Please don't think that this means I'm anal. Anyone who looks at my home office, in my purse, or the house when my husband is out of town knows that anal would not be a word to describe me, not one bit.

But color coding is fun! And it shows me when I am doing too much of something. For example, I have little yellow squares around my social engagements/appointments, blue blocks around anything having to do with the book, green around any freelance work.

Looking at my color coded week-at-a-glance, the book will be finished in 2120, I will have won the Miss Congeniality contest several times, and I'll be eating Ritz crackers forever.

Once I discovered this, I had some work to do ... but not today (there's that old dog procrastination--not really). I decided to let things sit the way they are, and in February, I will curtail my social activities somewhat!

This new system of color coding is such an easy and efficient way to keep track of my time! And it looks so pretty to see blue, green, yellow, purple, brown on the pages!

Just color me pink :)


Diana Black said...

How smart is THAT! Color coding!!! Love it...Now will you come fix my calendar?!?!?



Puss-in-Boots said...

I think colour coding is a brilliant idea, Cindy. I may just start doing the same. I mark my calendar every year for monthly payments, ie health insurance, car insurance, etc. It would be so easy to see what's due when with colour coding.

Kelly Pollard said...

When I saw your calendar, i thought it was so pretty, I'd be scared to scratch things off! I love your idea and am experimenting with my own system.

Eileen Williams said...

Thanks, Cindy, for another brilliant idea! Color coding will make it much easier to spot patterns and ways we might be heading off course. They can also be used to identify and separate items that are urgent from those that are basically time-wasters.

You're such a creative thinker and, as a friend, I personally know that no way are you the slightest bit anal!