Thursday, February 12, 2009

120 Minute Hours

My husband has been skiing all week. I dropped him off at Oakland Airport on Sunday morning and I'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon. Could I tell you how many plans I mentally made for myself before he left? Everything from staying in my pajamas every day until noon to going out to dinner with friends every evening. Funny how things don't always work out as you planned...

Monday morning I had a dentist appointment and because I'm dental phobic I take heavy duty drugs the night before my appointment, which I couldn't do Sunday evening because I during dinner with a friend I drank two glasses of wine.

I took my double dose of nothing-phases-me-in-the-least in the morning, my friend Sue drove me to and from the dentist's office and I think I slept through most of the appointment. After Sue dropped me off, I slept until the phone rang at 6:20 p.m.--which gave me ten minutes to get ready to go out to dinner at a neighbor's house.

And that's how my week went--spinning my wheels or sleeping through the entire week! I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why. But, on the positive side I did attend my sexual assault training (did you know that about 10% of rapes/sexual assault are actually reported?), attended one yoga class (that kicked my butt), signed up at Curves (easy decision--I couldn't make it around the 'circuit' once without huffing and puffing ), and I did do rewrites up to page 141 on Nineteen Darby Way. So the week wasn't a complete loss. The best of course, was getting in grand kid time.

An old friend told me to repeat

"I now experience 120 minute hours."

If you're looking to stretch time, try it. It didn't work for me this week because I forgot to try it, but when I've used it in the past, it has worked.


B. Lynn Goodwin said...

I love the idea of experiencing 120 minute hours. Such fun to scramble time, which is man-made as I understand it. I can lose track of time while sitting at the computer answering e-mail or in a million other ways.

I remember when 120 minute hours meant something very different, back in the days when I was a caregiver. That was before blogs, but not before journaling. Journaling saved me, and I can't stop recommending it.

Author of YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

Eileen Williams said...

Hey, Cindy--

I think your week alone sounded perfect (other than the dentist part). You must have needed some rest if you slept so much and, as far as spinning your wheels, I don't think so. You were just having fun--dinners out with friends and a couple of glasses of wine to boot. Good for you!