Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you suppose...

Some of my most thoughtful moments occur when I walk our golden retriever, Jake. This morning as we were traipsing up and town the hills, I was thinking about the economy and wondered what the silver lining in all of this might be ...

Suppose we're facing an economic crisis because...

it's time for all of us, not just a few, to get in touch with what's really important in life?

or that maybe, just maybe, we learn to measure others not by what's on the outside, but who they are on the inside?

or that it's time to conserve (and I'm not talking about coming from a place of lack) and having enough doesn't mean huge opulent excess? That frugal is in and excess out?

that economic hard times bring us to a new place of discovery within ourselves, who we were, who we are, and who we might become?

or that this challenging time gives us the opportunity to spend time and develop stronger ties with people we care about, not putting them on the back burner while we're off to pursue meaningless activities that pull us away from what matters most?

or that it's time to even out the balance of power???

I don't know.

I wish Jake could talk, my big old Buddha boy, he'd have the answers for me if only...!


Eileen Williams said...


You bring up some thought-provoking points that we (your readers) might each take to heart.

We all seem to long for the good old days when life was simpler. Maybe the economic crisis is the road that brings us back to those truly important pieces of our lives: love, family, friendship, joy, and gratitude. None of these costs a cent and each paves the way to happiness and fulfillment.

I bet Jake, your Buddha boy of wordless wisdom, would agree!

mum4justice said...

AC We have been living the simple life for many years... trying so hard to keep in tact those old fashioned ways of days gone by... like the simple task of just putting supper on the table (almost) everynight and everyone taking the time, as a family, to truly share... and in Jarrods case, grunt. But in these tough times...WE HAVE TO DO THIS... eating out whenever the feeling strikes is just not an option. Thankfully we already love living "the life" and what I have discovered is when I step back and look at the big picture... we are RICH in our lives no matter how tough the economy gets. Scooter and My-Ami know it... and I know the Jakester knows it too! Its all about the love!
Forever your Hippy niece H

April said...

Love your post. I'm not sure it matters WHY. What I think matters more is what we choose to learn from what happens to us, what blessings we choose to find.