Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saying Yes to Life

It seems that all I hear about these days is how we need to be pulling in our belts, tightening the reins, and hunkering down. It's understandable. But at what cost? I'm not suggesting that we all go out an splurge on expensive items, but what about saying 'yes' to the things we love. Our happiness and well-being count, too. Joy don't necessarily come in the same package they did last year, but there are plenty of ways to have joy in our lives without breaking the bank...or touching it, such as enjoying...

A sunrise and sunset,
a child at play,
a happy puppy,
a good book from the library,
a cup of steaming tea or coffee,
a conversation with a friend,
a walk in nature--or around the block,
doing something for someone else,
and maybe an occasional splurge.

Saying yes to life is all about being conscious not only of our choices, but of living in the very moment we have.

I think we've become so 'outer' oriented, spending and accumulating 'stuff,' that we forget just how resourceful we are...and how many pleasures in life are free. I thought about this the other day. In the morning I spent time with my daughter and my three grand children who live close by, in the late afternoon I drove to Oakland to spent time with my older daughter and my grandson. It didn't cost a penny. How grateful I feel for these wonderful gifts in my life.

If the dwindling stock market, investments, bank account have you down, remember that enjoying life in the moment is totally free and in fact, can have a longer lasting effect than something that costs money...and saying yes to life is a diversion from all the negative energy floating around out there!


Kelly Pollard said...

A nice reminder of what's really important in lives, especially in a world with so much negativity right now. Thanks Cindy!

Eileen Williams said...

Oh, Cindy--

Thank you for that inspiring post and the all important reminder that the most precious aspects of life are almost always free: family, friendships, health, and joy. I'm so sick of the ever-depressing news! Your head can spin with the latest on declining markets, global warming, crime rates and on and on.
Your list of antidotes was perfect. I'm going into the kitchen and make myself a nice cup of tea, call a friend, and head out for a walk. What could be better?

April said...

I'm with you absolutely! The more we find joy in our lives the more we build up our emotional resilience for moments of challenge.