Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've gotten comments from friends that they can't leave comments on my other blog, cindyluck.blogspot.com, so I'm hoping you can leave some here. The other blog is dedicated to my writing life and there are prompts there, so if you'd like to use them feel freee :-)

This morning when I wrote my morning pages, I wrote about 'scars' -- something I plucked from my inspiration box which brims full of possibility for spur-of-the-moment surprise ideas to write about.

Here's what I came up with. It's not the scars that leave visible marks on our knees or chests, breasts, or hands that haunt us as much as the ones we can't see -- the lies we've been told, the deception or humiliation we've experienced, words that cut deep into our hearts, lost loves we won't see or speak with again, words left unsaid and more.

Whether or not you are a writer, we all have something to say about our own scars...


April said...

Absolutely true! And along with scars--and maybe this is what those scars are--it's the lies we don't even realize we believe that trip us up the most.

Eileen Williams said...

As one of your readers who can't comment on your other blog, I'm thrilled that you're back to writing on Scribble Scrabble. And you started back up with a bang!
Scars: what a lot to consider. I agree, the unseen internal scars are far worse. Because they don't get to the air, they can fester and keep causing re-injury. They're especially tricky if they're connected to friends and family. I guess I try to ignore them for the most part. Perhaps not the best idea but one that I've come to terms with.

Lynn said...

Very astute, Cindy. I think you've given a great definition of scars in the third paragraph. I know I have some that fit that category.

I love the idea of keeping an inspiration box. Also the titles on your reading list. Now if you could just invent the 28 hour day, so I could get more reading done...=)

I'll check out your other blog and your prompts really soon. Thanks for giving so much to the writing community.

B. Lynn Goodwin
Author of You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers