Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hiking in Sedona

We just returned from Sedona -- red rocks in odd and sometimes highly suggestive shapes and sizes, deep red dirt, vortexes, walking and hiking trails that take one deep into the heart of Indian medicine wheel country and spirits.

Rick and I found a little hiking trail behind the grounds where we stayed--piles of flat red rocks almost like slate (to walk on), red dirt (a mix of cinnamon and pomegranate color), insects, salamanders, the tiniest of birds perched in low bushes, cactus and prickly pears.

It didn't long for me to realize that I don't have the agility of a goat or those cows I see traversing the hillsides on the golden hills along Camino Tassajara. Rick on the other hand, forged ahead, stopping to snap pictures and take in the view. I spent a good deal of time looking down carefully calculating where each foot should land next and trying to keep up with him.

The thing about hiking is, one must stay present otherwise one might find herself splattered on red rock ... but once I realized that I WAS present, I could make the experience anything I wanted -- spiritual, meditative, fun, scary, and it became more meaningful.

And that experience reminded me of writing. To write I need to be present not to just show up at the computer or the note pad with pen in hand, but to consciously show up so that it matters that I've been there...

Wanna write? Here's a PROMPT: You were the gentle one ...
(and keep going for 20 minutes)

prompt from Pat Schneider's book, Writing Alone and With Others


mtw said...

Cindy - We could be hiking buddies! And, I happen to know someone who could hike along with Rick. I definitely like your style!

And, I LOVE this writing prompt! It prompted one of my favorite journal entries...a loving reflection on "the mother of my mother." Thanks for reminding me!

Cindy said...


Yes, we should plan a hike -- if they grade them I'm up for a level one out of a possible 2! :-)

Glad you like the prompt! It's one of my favorites, too. It reminds me of my grandmother also -- must be a grandmother thing...

Capt. Jack said...

Cindy - returning to this facinating BLOG and continue to be impressed with your desriptive talents. Looking forward to a chat about Sedona and surroundings.

Still having some problems with my own BLOG. May seek your help soon.

Really great writing!

mum4justice said...

Loved the descriptive Hike, felt like I was there, with no effort on my part.. LOL
The prompt is great, I too thought immediately of Nannie C, as she was always the gentle one,although I ended up journaling in a completely different direction. But thank you, I needed to.
Love These Prompts! H

Cindy said...

Capt. Jack~ Thanks for visiting and the compiments!!! Sedona is an amazing place - I only wish I could do it justice!!!

Cindy said...

Isn't it interesting when you think you're going to journal about one thing and something completely different lays itself down on the page? How great that you let your intuition color the path in your writing instead of your brain! :-)

she said...

who sings that dancing in the dark song?

"... can't start a fire without a spark..."


hikes are great for starting writing fires and so are prompts


"to feeling the heat!"

Cindy said...

she said
yes yes yes it was THE BOSS--Bruce Springsteen!! :-)I love him and he just came out with a new album, MAGIC~speaking of writing prompts, how about a prompt like: How to you spark the magic in your life?