Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laughter and Chocolate

Last night on a whim, Rick and I went to Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton to see Ralph Harris (the comedian recently kicked off of Last Comic Standing -- huge mistake). I could hardly catch my breath from laughing, one joke falling on top of another, then another, and another--in a way that just can't be scripted, can it? How do good comedians do that?

Chris Titus is like that, too. In January of this year, for Rick's 'milestone' birthday we went to Tommy's to see him. We ached from out of control laughing. Titus be back at Tommy's in November and we'll be going back --In case you're interested:

All of this made me think about author David Sedaris. One day I drove my Mom to Kaiser and while I sat in the waiting room inhaling hospital waiting room germs, I continued reading his hysterical book, Me Talk Pretty One Day. I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down my cheeks and the words on the page kept blurring. I had no Kleenex, just a wet shiny face.

A woman walked over to me and I thought, thank God--a Kleenex--instead she asked me for the name of my book. At first I couldn't decide which to wipe with my hand (or sleeve) first --nose? eyes? cheeks? before I spoke. I finally sputtered the name of the book out and she said she'd be stopping at the book store on the way home to pick up a copy.

~ laughter is like chocolate ~ everybody wants some. ~Yum~



mum4justice said...

INFECTIOUS! It's not always a bad thing!

mum4justice said...

I think it's funny how so many of us are "INFECTED" by each others emotions. (Not all of us)

When we see someone rolling with laughter... we automatically start to laugh right along side them... not even knowing what we are laughing at! (joke could even be on us!)
When we witness someone crying, we pause, we stare, we wonder and begin to feel his/her pain.

Here's the "Not all of us" part, by "not all of us" I refer to Dan!!

I have this quirky thing I do when we go to a restaurant or even a simple coffee shop. When I spy someone sitting alone, my heart bleeds, I let my imagination run wild and assume the worst. If it's an 80 yr old man sitting there I begin telling Danny how "he must be all alone in this world, the poor thing has lost his wife of nearly 60 years and has to sit here in silence eating that greasy pastrami sandwich just for survival!!" This is where Dan, God bless him, rolls his eyes, ONCE AGAIN, and tells me that "perhaps the man has snuck away from that wife of nearly 60 years... just to come out and ENJOY, IN PEACE, that greasy pastrami sandwich. Maybe... just maybe... now I'm reaching here Heidi .... because she doesn't ALLOW him to eat fatty foods!"

I sigh, glance down at my menu, decide on a tuna melt, and silently agree that I guess I hadn't thought of it that way!
quirky huh?

Cindy said...

mum4justice-yes, I agree laughter is infectious! I am so grateful that it is, too.

Also re: other post: Thank you to the Dannys in our lives who bring us back down to earth (se we can enjoy life and not worry about everyone else)! Your wonderful sense of imagination could be great stories.... mum4justice
Thanks for posting

she said...

smiling just reading about it

-saw three blond mom's at tommy t's: hilarious. jaws ached the whole next day.

and me talk pretty one day went straight to my top ten list

i believe mr sedaris is performing/speaking in san jose here soon...

"to chocolate & laughter in abundance" (but separately or it gets kinda messy)

singleton said...

clink! To laughter! Tonic for the soul!

Cindy Luck said...

she said
I'll have to check out Mr Sedaris...would love to see him in person...
Heard about three blonde mommies and wondered -- thanks for the info -- will keep my eye out for them...

Cindy Luck said...

singleton ...
Well said! The soul and laughter -- belong together -- Clink (love that word)