Friday, June 6, 2008

Oprah -- Choosing Brilliant Health ... right

I read an Oprah and Friends email a few minutes ago called Choosing Brilliant Health. I'm wondering -- do three waffles with real butter, real maple syrup and a bowl of fresh strawberries for breakfast -- and lunch (minus the strawberries)-- count toward choosing brilliant health?

I had a bucketful of strawberries this morning because as we all know, that's what Costco carries -- bucketfuls. So, that part was healthy ... which means it was okay to eat the waffles for breakfast.

But for lunch, well, for lunch it was too late to be picky, or go to the store, or think about it too long or hard, because by the time I returned home from runnin' around this afternoon dinner time is closer than lunchtime.

I snarfed those pups up like candy and they pretty much are once they're smeared with butter and swollen with syrup.

So there you have it.

You know, it seems like it takes a lot of energy (which if I'd eaten some protein I might have) to dedicate myself to eating healthy. I do want to improve my dietary habits, but I think I'm just kinda lazy or maybe it's weak minded (translated: little will/won't power).

I start the day with good, make that fabulous, intentions (okay today doesn't count--but what about the strawberries?) but by 10 pm I've consumed either (and sometimes both) too much of something or a calorie laden dessert held together with lard.

I think if I eat more berries--strawberries, elderberries (make that "younger"berries), blueberries, and blackberries, because they contain the highest of antioxidants, I won't have to worry as much as I think I do, er, should. Anyway, I've included the link if you want to see the article, just click on the title above. I liked that it saves one from beating oneself up, but rather suggests a change of mind. (change your mind, change your life)


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