Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Writer's Cramp

I have writer's cramp. No, no, no, it's not my hand, but my head.

I need to write a few additional scenes for my book and I can't seem to get into a creative mood. Sort of like getting excited about planning your own surprise birthday party. . .knowing I have to do it has taken the fun out of it.

It's been such a long time since I've written anything off the top of my head, except for my blog, articles for the newspaper (those aren't really off the top of my head) and my almost-without-fail-every-morning free writes, but still, Monday morning I sat down at my messy desk to write. Nada. So, I thought, I need to get out of the house.

I slipped my Alphasmart into my snappy red leather case and raced off to Borders and found myself sitting with the rest of the late morning throng I didn't expect to bump into and still couldn't write (noise pollution, cinnamon bun smell pollution, new book smell pollution, turning page pollution, sniffing pollution, slurping pollution, etc). See my problem?

I'm feeling like I've been so confined to
in the box writing
(because I've been editing and rewriting for so long)
that I don't know how to write out of the box this week
I have to admit, this is a frist, I mean first. Usually I pick up a pen or plunk my fingers onto the keyboard and one, two, three--go!

Who knows why???

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with the youtube I've posted here. If you click on the title above, Writer's Cramp, it will take you right to it.

For many of us writers, it's a dismal look at writers ability to market,(which we'll identify with) and for those who aren't writers, a) you'll be grateful you don't, b) you'll see just how insane we are and c) you'll see how sometimes un-savvy we are when it comes to marketing ourselves and our work. Mostly it's funny ~ enjoy.


Kelly said...

I feel your pain Cindy! If anyone can get through it, it's you!

she said...

-that is hilarious!-

i have to share w/squidmann..

and here is my secret for writer's block or writer's cramp.. or any other thing that prevents you from flying free on the keyboard or w/pen in hand

honor it. -that's your mind requesting a break. can't be all out-go, has to have in-put and downtime to process

at the risk of sounding ..crazy.. which is practically criteria for writing anyway

i say "oh.. you need a break.. you'd like to read? go for a walk? do nothing? watch a movie? -anything you'd like brain, just let me know"

sometimes my brain wants a bubble bath, cold beer and spicy almonds

-for breakfast.

next thing you know..

there's a story in mind; racing to land on the page (or monitor..)

honor that too.

it's your brains way of saying thank you

-great post cindy!

"to love, blessings, breaks & stories!" ~s.