Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleep Over...with me...Nana Banana

I miss being a mom. I miss having my kids under my feet and wiping their noses, drying their tears and feeling needed. I mean, I'm needed in a different way now, at this stage of my life, but anyone who needs me has someone else who needs them more--except my husband, I suppose. But, he's so darned independent he doesn't really need me either.

Okay, so Jake needs me but only because he doesn't have opposable thumbs to open the door to let himself out to pee.

So, to fulfill my need to be needed two of my grandchildren are sleeping over on Thursday evening. We're going to eat lots of gooey food and play games and stay up a little late (they're only four and three).

Sammie's had her overnight suitcase packed since I mentioned, on her last day of school, that maybe she'd like to sleep over this summer. She's ready: several changes of clothes, special books she wants me to read (or maybe she'll read to me), and the directions to make clay!

And JD was so caught up in Sammie's excitement, it turned out that it included him, too, saying things like "Nan, when we sleep over...." or "Nan, should we bring our suitcase when I sleep over" or "Nan, where are we going to sleep..."

So this complicates things just a bit. He's got a little more energy than Sammie who tends to be more cerebral. She's perfectly happy to sit someplace and do something--crafts, read, color, those kinds of things.

JD is a bit more "active." This means I'll be running up the stairs and in and out of the workout room where he'll be wanting to ride the elliptical. And, he's curious about everything--what it is, how it works--he asks hundreds of questions--he's more of a hands-on sort of guy.

I'm tired already. I think I should take an old person's nap before the kids get here...except I'm too excited to sleep!


feistysideoffifty said...

Looks like you have a wonderful evening of story telling, clay making and stair hopping ahead of you. Your overnight guests sound absolutely delightful and, I'm certain, you will feel needed in the most special, granny way.
Here's to lots of gooey food and late night giggles. And, yeah, probably a well deserved afternoon nap on Friday.

mum4justice said...

Remember "Uh-Oh Spaghetti-o's???

Love you much... I need you.


Connie said...

I've been feeling the same way with my kids grown and now my grandchildren give me so much delight and purpose. I just love it! Your sleepover sounds great. Looking forward to doing that when mine are a little older--they are 2-1/2 years and 3 months.

Cindy said...

Feisty: Yes, there is a lot of gooey and sticky stuff! Very fun and I wouldn't change it for anything!
Mum for J: Yes, I remember Spaghetti-o's! No one ever forgets it when someone vomits all over their bed. No one! And, I love you, too, my favorite little all grown up "niece"
Connie: Thanks for dropping by! The sleepovers are the best--all those hours to play and talk and make wonderful memories! That 2 1/2year old will be making sleepover plans before you know it!

Carlo said...
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